Limoncella is the most “Custom” and Customizable WordPress Theme for Bloggers without the Custom Price Tag

Automatic Disclosure notice:

If you apply the “disclosure” tag to a post, an automatic disclosure notice will be displayed at the top of the post.

Automatic Recipe Ratings:

Whenever a reader rates a recipe, the stars will be automatically incorporated into both the Kadence Posts Block and the Archives section.

Please note: This feature will only work with the WP Recipe Maker plugin.

Automatic Subcategory Display

When visiting a category page, all the relevant subcategories under the parent category will be automatically displayed if they exist. If the parent category lacks any subcategories, nothing will be shown, ensuring a seamless navigation experience for your readers to find precisely what they are looking for.

Please note: If you’re using custom Elements (Kadence Pro feature) at the top of your archives to replace the default header, this will not work.

Automatically know which posts have videos in them with a custom icon:

By tagging a post with “video,” an icon will automatically appear on the featured image of your post, signaling to your readers that the post contains a video.

Search bar in the header without Kadence Pro

Absolutely correct! Limoncella offers a search bar right in the header, eliminating the need for Kadence Pro just to have this feature. Say goodbye to the default icon that opens in a large window; with Limoncella, you get a convenient search bar accessible right from the header!

Please note: In order to add this feature, the default icon is replaced with the search bar. Therefore the search icon that opens in a new window will no longer work.

3 WPRM Recipe Templates

All three templates have a similar appearance, but they offer distinct colored options with Black, Navy, and Gray labels. This allows you to select the color that perfectly complements your branding!

Custom WPRM Snippets

Tailored to seamlessly blend with your theme, and available for your Recipe snippets. These custom snippets include jump-to links at the top of each post, enhancing the navigation experience for your readers.

Lovely Numbered Top 10 posts

Effortlessly present your Top 10 posts categorized for your readers’ delight. Get creative with your choices, featuring your favorite posts, your readers’ favorites, or mix things up based on the season or time of year! The possibilities are endless, and your content will be showcased in an engaging and exciting way.

Beautiful Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Say goodbye to dull and ordinary bulleted and numbered lists! With Limoncella, you get stylishly designed lists that automatically adapt to the color of your first choice in the color palette. No more bland presentations – your lists will be visually appealing, matching your brand’s aesthetics and enhancing the overall look of your content!

Fun Post Blocks to use

Elevate your posts with engaging post blocks that add flair and help you highlight crucial elements like notes, links, and affiliate items. Though it’s not a large library like our Conversion Callouts, Limoncella offers a few pre-built blocks to kickstart your content and make it more captivating for your readers!

Click into each post to see the blocks in action

3 Gorgeous Color Palettes to choose from

Discover a world of vibrant possibilities with Limoncella’s selection of three gorgeous color palettes to choose from. Whether you seek a bold and striking look, a calming and serene ambiance, or a unique blend that complements your brand’s personality, these carefully crafted color palettes will bring a touch of beauty and elegance to your website.

Color Palette 2:

Color Palette 3:

Custom Designed Details Throughout

Embrace the enchanting world of Limoncella, where custom-designed details flourish throughout the theme. Delight in the harmonious blend of lemon and floral elements that infuse the theme with a vibrant and refreshing allure. Limoncella is more than just a theme; it’s a canvas for your imagination, allowing you to craft a truly unique and captivating online presence that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Custom Kadence Pro specific Home Page options

Prepare to unleash your creativity with Limoncella’s two amazing Home Page options, exclusively designed for Kadence Pro users! With dynamic content and eye-catching carousels, these options go beyond what the free version of Kadence can achieve. It’s time to break free and design a unique look that perfectly matches your style. Showcase your best work, feature your most important content, and let your website shine. Limoncella’s got you covered with the impressive Kadence Pro features, making your online presence truly stand out!

Free Ebook & Canva Templates

No additional purchase is necessary to utilize the ebook graphics shown here in the demo. You will also receive three extra Canva Templates that can be tailored to your own needs that complement your theme. These include the 30 Minute Recipe book, the Perfect Paint Color Book, and all the graphics featured in the Limoncella theme, which you are welcome to use in various other contexts if you wish.